Melvyn Vernon

Masters of Ceremonies
About This Project

Melvyn is definitely not a newbie to the entertainment arena, having been on stage since young where he sang, danced and acted for the masses. With that same keen passion for all the other performing arts, he has developed an immense desire to entertain and to bring a cheer to the events he attends.

Being actively involved in hosting events since his early school days such as speech day ceremonies, orientation campfire nights, food & fun fairs and other private group parties, Melvyn has developed much interest in sharing the joys of life with the people he meets.

Melvyn has also been instrumental to corporate family days, sporting tournaments, and other corporate events. With the flair in entertaining the masses on stage, he strives to set his guests in a comfortable mood for the experience of great joy.
Apart from being truly talented on stage, this fun and versatile host constantly draws inspiration from his daily life experiences.

About the Certification

BizSAFE is a 5-step business safety programme designed to help companies in Singapore build workplace safety and health (WSH) capabilities. In September 2017, the programme has included SGSecure elements to help companies put in place measures to manage potential terror threats.

The key principles of the WSH Act is to reduce risks at the source, increase industry stakeholders ownership and áchieve good WSH outcomes and systems.

About The Award

The Promising SME 500 Campaign is a prestigious award that recognises the exceptional achievements of business men and women in Singapore. It highlights their commercial success and contributions to the economy and community at large.

The campaign also serves as a platform that showcases true stories of grit, courage and determination, so as to inspire aspiring entrepreneurs to pursue their dreams and ultimately create a sustainable entrepreneurial culture in our nation.