About This Project

Originally made up of singer/guitarist Sara Wee and guitarist Alvin Khoo (formerly known as Jazz in A), this acoustic duo was formed 6 yrs ago and has expanded to form 53A.

Mostly a cover band with a few originals thrown in here and there from time to time.

Tune in to Alvin and Sara on Power 98FM every Wednesday from 12 – 2pm with DJ Harry Corro on the “Wednesday Brew Crew” show!

53A acoustic (Sara/Bani n Alvin):

Tues: Timbre @ Arts House (830pm to 1145pm)
Thurs: Timbre @ Old School (830pm to 1130pm)
Fri: Wala Wala Happy hour before EIC (7pm to 9pm)
Sat: Acid Bar @ Emerald Hill (2130pm to 1215am)


Wed: Lobby Bar @ St James (9.30pm – 1am)
Fri: Timbre @ The Substation (1015pm – 1.30am)

53A is:

Sara Wee – Vocals/Guitar
Alvin Khoo – Guitar
Bani Hidir – Vocals/Bass (originally from B-Quartet)
Irwan Shah Salleh – Drums

About the Certification

BizSAFE is a 5-step business safety programme designed to help companies in Singapore build workplace safety and health (WSH) capabilities. In September 2017, the programme has included SGSecure elements to help companies put in place measures to manage potential terror threats.

The key principles of the WSH Act is to reduce risks at the source, increase industry stakeholders ownership and áchieve good WSH outcomes and systems.

About The Award

The Promising SME 500 Campaign is a prestigious award that recognises the exceptional achievements of business men and women in Singapore. It highlights their commercial success and contributions to the economy and community at large.

The campaign also serves as a platform that showcases true stories of grit, courage and determination, so as to inspire aspiring entrepreneurs to pursue their dreams and ultimately create a sustainable entrepreneurial culture in our nation.